In the act of POSTING REGISTRATION or RENEWAL of affiliation, after the benefit is effective, the creator will compete for the monthly draw of R$10,000.00 


CAPEMISA Seguradora de Vida e Previdência S/A, CNPJ 08.602.745/0001-32, as Event Promoter and subscriber of Single Contribution Incentive Bonds, issued and managed by CAPEMISA Capitalização S/A, CNPJ 14.056.028/0001-55, whose technical notes and General Conditions were approved through SUSEP Process no. 15414.901127/2018-91, available for consultation and printing at, according to the number above, will assign the right to draw the bonds free of charge to the insured who fulfills the conditions of this regulation, who will receive a number composed of 05 digits (Lucky Number) to compete in the draws that will be determined based on the Federal Lottery extractions.

When contracting the Collective Personal Insurance in the Collective Personal Accident or Group Life, CIA or VIVA FLEX Insurance, with a minimum term of 12 months and meeting the conditions established herein, the insured will have the right to participate free of charge, as specified in this regulation, available at, from the following draws: - 4 (four) draws, on the last four Saturdays of the month, from the second month after the start of the insurance period, in the variable gross amount of R$62.50 to R$156,250.00, according to the Insurance contracted, on which 25% of Income Tax will be levied, according to SUSEP Process no. 15414.901127/2018-91 and current legislation.

The Insured will receive the Individual Insurance Certificate which will contain, among other information, the Lucky Number with which he will compete for the draw, the number of draws that he will participate and the start date of participation.
The Insured's participation will start in the second month following the start of the insurance period, and their participation will be guaranteed while the insurance is in force, the payment of the insurance premium is strictly up to date and the promotion in force.
The draws will be determined based on the result of the draws of the Federal Lottery of Brazil held on Saturdays.
The result of the Federal Lottery can be followed through the website, as well as at any Lottery House.
If the Federal Lottery is not drawn on the scheduled date, the corresponding draw will be postponed to the first draw to be held until the day before the following Saturday. For the purposes of calculation, the Title in force on the date of the draw will be considered, whose LUCKY NUMBER, informed in the Individual Insurance Certificate, coincides, observing the order of award, with the reading of the column formed by the digits of the simple unit of 5 (five ) first prizes extracted by the Federal Lottery, read from top to bottom, as shown in the example below:
1st Prize 56,892 2nd Prize 34,873 3rd Prize 66,834 Number Awarded: 23,451 4th Prize 07,605 5th Prize 70,521
In the case of the combination for drawing, determined in the form above, it has not been distributed to an Insured Person of this Promotion or is linked to an Insured that does not meet the conditions set forth in this regulation, the latter will be disqualified and the following approximation rule will be applied to identify a new beneficiary: the Insured who has the next Lucky Number above or, in the absence of this, the next one below, will be covered; and so on, until a recipient is identified. Adding a unit to the 99,999 combination generates the 00,000 combination.
Subtracting one unit from the 00,000 combination yields the 99,999 combination.
The beneficiary will be notified by e-mail, telephone or letter and will only be entitled to the award if the insurance is in force, the payment of the insurance premium is strictly up to date and the promotion in force. The award will be paid by CAPEMISA Capitalização S/A within a maximum period of 15 calendar days, counting from the delivery of the complete documentation and information necessary for the payment of the award: copy of valid ID and CPF, proof of residence issued less than 90 days ago (account of public service concessionaire), and the recipient must inform his profession, income and bank details of his ownership for deposit.
Participation in the promotion implies automatic adherence to the terms of this regulation, as well as the authorization of sharing the data of the contemplated with the capitalization company, specifically for the payment of the prize, which will be available to the Inspection Bodies for the legal term.
In the event of the recipient's death, the prize will be delivered to the respective estate, in the person of its executor, upon presentation of the Inventory Term. If there is no inventory process, it will be delivered to the legal successors of the beneficiary, upon presentation of a court order, in accordance with the applicable legislation.
The promoter undertakes to identify all participants who are assignees of the rights of any titles fully transferred, as well as the winners of sweepstakes prizes.
Before hiring, please consult the General Conditions available at
The beneficiary, due to the adhesion to the terms of the promotion, gives up, free of charge, irrevocably and irreversibly, the right to use his/her name, image and voice for a period of one year, counted from the draw, specifically for the dissemination of the promotion, in any type of media, at the promoter's discretion, without restriction of frequency and without this implying any type of burden on the companies involved in the promotion.
The deadline for claiming the right to the prize by the recipient is that established by the legislation in force.
The amount not required within the statute of limitations will result in the loss of this right. The sale of capitalization bonds to minors under the age of sixteen is prohibited.

SCOPE AND PERIOD OF THE PROMOTION The commercial promotion will be carried out throughout the national territory, starting on 04/01/2012 and will be in force for an indefinite period.
by SAC