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Sérgio Barral

Cinophile at 25  years, judge  skilled  of Bull and Molossos type dogs, creator of the recognition and rescue of Brazilian breeds, founder of SONARB National Society of Breeds of Brazil, was one of those responsible  for the ransom  of the Rastreador Brasileiro breed, helped to introduce the Boerboel breed  in Brazil, being responsible for the first registration of the breed on Brazilian soil, elaborated and helped to effect the registration, standard and National recognition of the breeds: Podengo Creole, Bullbras, Old english Bulldogge, Boca preta Sertanejo, Pastor da Mantiqueira, Veadeiro Nacional, Brazilian Tracker, Original Fila, Ovelheiro Gaucho, Bullmastiff  Brazilian, Brazilian Mastiff  between others,   winner of National rankings best breeder in the years 2002 and 2003.


Graduated in Admin  of companies, entrepreneur specialized in Marketing, e-commerce, m-commerce, participated and idealized several successful cases of the internet, was the creator and built the first online database system in Latin America for issuing and controlling registration genealogical,  being the forerunner in this follow-up, making it possible to authenticate the  pedigree and animal identification via the Web.

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