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Discover our History

Looking for modernity and security, we added the desire to make a more transparent dog show with better benefits for our associates, we founded the ALKC - Latin America Kennel Club following the molds of international clubs, where we use what worked abroad with the needs of Brazilian dog lovers. , control, seriousness and above all, a document that accurately portrays and shows the work of the creators. We think about consumers who must be respected, dog tutors, who must also be informed, we are able to contemplate the pet market and breeders within a platform  harmonious, one complementing the other.  

Our soul comes from the national dog show with the entrepreneurial spirit to make a difference, our board is made up of veterinarians, dog lovers, dog judges, dog technicians, administrators and entrepreneurs engaged in providing the dog show that was lacking in our country, therefore our motto:



The system we have adopted is the recipe for success in the United States and Europe, it is our differential,  We started a new era in national and Latin American dog breeding, introducing new concepts and helping breeders with this new modality.



The composition of the board follows the US model, where vice-presidencies are formed to have more autonomy, thus with a much more agile management in the execution of tasks and resolutions.

ALKC changes the management of the President every 24 months, giving all Vice Presidents the opportunity to participate in the management of the entity. All positions are unpaid where everyone works in a philanthropic way in the name of perpetuating purebred dogs.

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