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bull  terrier

GENERAL APPEARANCE : He is a naturally strong and muscular dog,  determined and smart. Always well balanced and harmonic, despite the musculature. Its main  characteristics are the egg-shaped head and the descending nasal bridge.

Personality:  Companion, agile and strong.

Energy Level : Moderately active.  

Good with children:  Yes.


Good with other dogs:  With supervision.


Grooming:  Seasonal.


Life expectancy : 10-14  years old.

Bark Level: Bark when needed.


It was a certain James Hinks who first standardized the breed type in the 1850s, selecting the egg-shaped head. The breed was first shown in its current form in Birmingham in 1862. The Bull Terrier Club was formed in 1887. A truly interesting thing about the breed is that the standard deliberately says: “there are no limits on weight or height. , but the dog must give the impression of maximum substance for its size, befitting its qualities and sex. The dog must be balanced at all times.” Smaller Bull Terriers had been known since the early 19th century, but lost popularity before World War I and were removed from the breed's Kennel Club records in 1918. In 1938, a recovery of the breed was spearheaded by Colonel Richard Glyn and a group of enthusiastic friends who founded the “Miniature Bull Terrier Club”. The standard is the same as for the Bull Terrier, with the exception of the height limit.

Country of Origin: Great Britain.

BEHAVIOR AND TEMPERAMENT:  It has a balanced and friendly temperament, with a lot of disposition and energy. He is a courageous dog and easy to discipline.

HEAD: In profile, heals moderately downwards. From the front, it is egg-shaped, with a cavity-free surface. The head is long, strong and deep.


Skull: Top is almost flat from ear to ear.

Stop : Well defined.



Snout:  Downward.

Truffle: Black.

Jaws and Teeth:  Scissor bite with strong jaws and deep jaw.

Lips: Well-fitting.


Expression: Intelligent and penetrating.

Eyes: Black in color  or brown. Triangular and narrow shape.

Ears : Small in size, close together. Should be held upright when directed upwards, they are thin.

NECK :  Long, arched and muscular neck.  

  • BODY: Arched ribs, great depth from withers to sternum. the trunk is fine


Back: Strong, level and short. Arching slightly over the loin.


Loin: Muscular and broad.

TAIL: Set on low and carried horizontally, short in length, starts thick and gradually thins.




Shoulders: With broad shoulder blades, strong and muscular, without exaggeration.

Elbows: Straight and strong.

Feet: Round and compact.


Hocks: Well angulated.

  Well developed and muscular.

Paws :  Round and strong .

  • GAIT/MOVEMENT: Solid gait, covering the ground with free steps.

  • COAT

Hair : Short, dense and rough in length. It has a shiny appearance.

  • COLOR: White, black, brindle, red, fawn and tricolor. In whites, they must be purely white. Blue and liver colors are undesirable.


SIZE: There is no weight and height limit, but the dog must be harmonious in relation to its size and sex.

  • FAULTS  

Any deviation from this standard should be considered a fault and penalized in exact proportion to its severity and its effects on the health and well-being of the dog.  



• Aggressiveness or excessive shyness.

• Any dog that shows any sign of physical or behavioral anomaly must be disqualified.

• Atypical dogs.

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