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What is DNA profile?

Guarantee of origin with DNA registered in the pedigree works with the breeder's initiative to collect material from dogs used in reproduction and make the DNA markers available in our database, that is, the animal that has the acronym highlighted in the pedigree " DNA PROFILE" means that the DNA profile has been stored in our system and is an integral part of the record, the stud book number is the identifier.


We are the only entity in Latin America that has the DNA test incorporated into the pedigree in a systemic way and with digital consultation over the internet, all at the creator's free initiative.

The BREEDER pays only once to store the result of a specific animal in the system, with the laboratory report, so the cost is extremely low. Only new puppies will pay for the exam and this cost can be passed on to the new tutor/holder, the important thing is to demonstrate that the parents have their genetic material stored and can be checked at any time. See how easy it is:


The DNA profile  of the father and mother can be consulted by our system next to the laboratory, the puppy is born with the possibility of collecting the material,  saliva, a kit is provided by the laboratory, consisting of a small filter paper the size of a postage stamp, along with a sterile plastic bag is provided, where it is collected by the filter that is passed on the animal's tongue and sent to the laboratory. by mail to take the exam. The comparison with the genetic markers of the parents, who already have their genetic material in the database, and thus can be made available in a systemic way in our database, the exam report is automatically released, and the animal receives the acronym DNA PROFILE in the pedigree.


We know that it is the only way to prove the real origin, genealogical and genetic ancestry and thus provide the guarantee of a documented and certified copy as  PURE BREED.  

THE PROFILE DNA  does not guarantee whether the animal will be beautiful, ugly, champion or even an example of health and longevity, but it does guarantee true precedence and origin. In Brazil this is unprecedented and due to the high values paid in the acquisition of purebred animals, it is certainly what was needed to guarantee the work of breeders and give tranquility to tutors and owners.  


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