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Rules for specialized clubs

These rules are put into practice after the acceptance by the ALKC for the foundation of the specific breed club where we will use the ALKC system to be able to differentiate between specific clubs and breeders approved as SPECIALIZED in the breed.


The club must be founded by at least 3 breeders of the breed, with no limit on new members.


Specialized breeders must have an affix registration at ALKC, if not, it must be done through the website and requested by the club coordinator/coordinator for exemption from the opening fee and affix/kennel registration.


There will be no political or executive positions within the club, only a coordinator to make communications between the ALKC and the club.

The club must propagate ethical and transparent cynophilia without aiming at profits or monthly fees.

All breeders have the right to be accredited as a specialized breeder, as long as they comply with the ALKC and club rules, especially in terms of MICROCHIPAGE, DNA PROFILE, other exams are freely chosen by the club, always using the worldwide criteria of requirements, specific for each race.

The specialized kennel must have PROFILE DNA and MICROCHIPING of the entire squad or of future dogs to be registered at ALKC.

Club rules must be sent to the email: info to be submitted to members of the Vice-Presidencies and Directors of ALKC, to be approved and published on the website, only then will they be valid.

Clubs will be nominated in all ALKC media and publicity.


The use of the ALKC name and brand for the sale of puppies or commercialization of dogs is prohibited.

The clubs will have free will to hold lectures, seminars, meetings, events, specialized and will always be able to count on the support of ALKC and its sponsors, as long as there is no conflict of brands and services.

Clubs are committed to publicizing ALKC events and meetings,  national and regional events where awards, titles and rankings of competitions and sports will be announced, as well as lectures and seminars that are relevant to the club of specific races or that may be of interest to the clubs.

The clubs must strive for harmony, companionship and mutual cooperation for the benefit of purebred dogs, aiming at health, longevity and animal welfare.


Clubs must maintain a communication channel with creators and new tutors to guide and keep all their actions up to date, ALKC, as far as possible, will always propagate the dissemination of club events.

Breeders of specific breeds must follow the current rules and FEDERAL, STATE and MUNICIPAL laws, always striving for ANIMAL WELFARE, following the breeding and breeding guidelines specified by the CFMV - Federal Council of Veterinary Medicine and CRMV - Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine.

ALKC is not responsible for the actions of clubs or breeders that offend or fail to comply with the above terms and rules, as well as reserves the right to discredit breeders and kennels that do not respect the rules described above.

ALKC will release the black print of the specialized club logo on the back of the pedigree to differentiate specialized breeders who meet the minimum breeding requirements and health checks of specific breeds. It will also indicate the club on the ALKC website, which in turn will indicate the creators, who must be in evidence with equal relevance in the media and dissemination of the club always in alphabetical order and in order of region.

The club undertakes to publish only breeders that meet the ALKC registration rules and those approved by the club and that have the Specialized Breeder certificate issued by the ALKC.


  August 4th, 2106.

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