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What is the real function of morphology and beauty shows?  

In the early days of cynophilia, the context of promoting meetings and taking dogs to make comparisons of conformation, temperament and aptitudes of each breed was always the focus of meetings between breeders, who sought the most homogeneous specimens within the necessary qualifications for the job.


Why work? Imagine a time when there was no butcher, supermarket or bakery, now visualize you needing to go out to the forest to hunt, without dogs, the day to day for subsistence would be much more difficult.


Dogs participated in the formation of humanity, always at the side of man, whether hunting, herding cattle, protecting, driving away or keeping company. With the evolution of humanity, work was no longer necessary, cities took over the forests and hunting is on the supermarket shelves, leaving few work activities for dogs.  


Nowadays, companion dogs are the main focus, so the current parades and exhibitions aim at beauty and morphology, but we need to understand that getting together for the sake of cinophilia is also necessary to preserve the characteristics and aptitudes of each breed. The man made adaptations and took advantage of and directed the innate talents of our friends, for example:

The breed that, in its original function, is a dog that seeks slaughtered game and brings it to the hunter, regardless of the terrain, due to its extremely docile and faithful temperament, it can be used as a guide dog and great sniffer, there are several breeds with different characteristics. qualities.

The work tests carried out by specialized breed clubs are extremely important and preserve and test the degree of the natural aptitudes of each breed.


We need to create awareness that CINOFILO is:  

(cyno- + -phylum)

adjective and masculine noun

Who or who has a strong interest or enthusiasm for dogs,  Cinophile is the individual who esteems dogs.  


Cynophilia:  CINO = dog
          FILIA = strong inclination.

Cinophilia means friendship and dedication to dogs.  

Cynophilia is an area of knowledge and study dedicated exclusively to the study and breeding of dogs in all its aspects.

Within the cynophilia concept, we find several specialized branches, from the development of breeds, to the study of canine behavior and psychology. Therefore, all those involved in some way with dogs are cinophiles, each within their own specialty and knowledge.

Canine events bring back the opportunity to make the selection of the best individuals so that the characteristics and aptitudes of each breed are perpetuated, we must always seek to preserve the health and longevity of dogs, in addition to morphology, and only by making a careful selection can we improve the quality of life of our dogs, finally canine events, meetings and parades serve to improve and direct the investigation and improvement of purebred dogs. But it is very important to pay attention to the minimum health exams necessary for each breed where health and longevity are the most important factors in breeding, competitions must be made to praise the qualities and aptitudes of dogs and not men.  

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