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standard report  racial      

If you have a pedigree dog and you are not sure if it is within the breed standards, ALKC has tested and approved judges in Brazil and abroad that can help you. A morphological assessment of the animal is carried out and a technical report is issued by a qualified judge, by a committee of breeders of the specific breed that will help with a technical opinion on any failures that may be investigated in the assessment of racial mischaracterization. The dog must have a microchip and pedigree with a complete tree issued by a regular entity, it will be necessary that it be taken to the evaluation place on a predetermined day and time. No reports will be made by photos or footage, this service can be provided on site, provided that travel and accommodation expenses are paid separately. 

genealogical report  with research       

If you have a pedigree dog and need technical guidance to have more relevant information about your dog's genealogy, ALKC allows for in-depth genealogical analysis by issuing a technical opinion with a study of all ancestry for greater details of consanguinity and coefficients. of inbreeding, provided that all the family trees of the specimen are available.

Report for mating with research    

The Cinophilia committee made available the genealogy analysis service for programmed and targeted matings aiming at the guidance of breeders. This report comes with a detailed study of the genealogies and, if the animals are personally evaluated, a morphology report can also be issued, where the morphological and genealogical points are compared for a broader understanding of the mating projects. 

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