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What is the pedigree for?

The pedigree is the document that proves the racial purity of a dog and shows its ancestry.


The information contained in the pedigree shows who the dog is, date of birth, sex, color and breed,

titles, microchip number, health reports and exams, CRMV of the responsible veterinarian, and even if you have DNA.


Shows the information of the associate who generated the puppy record.


It also illustrates the name of the owner or owner of the dog, being the only document proving possession and custody of a purebred dog. It is of paramount importance to transfer the document to your name.


The ALKC pedigree is a security document, designed to prevent fraud and counterfeiting, it also has digital certification and can be viewed on a computer, tablet or cell phone screen.  SEE MORE

We have a unique and 100% online database system, where the creator can authenticate the documents by consulting our website.

You can also request the printed document to go along with your documents.

The pedigree alone does not provide 100% guarantee about the health of the puppy, it requires the peculiar exams of each breed and consult a veterinarian to certify the health of the puppy and all deworming and vaccination protocols have been properly fulfilled.

ALKC is an associative club of BREEDERS and CINOPHILERS who use our system to make the genealogical record of puppies and perpetuate the lines and their affixes (names).  

We have several control attributes and requirements to make the records, all information is generated by the associate who is fully responsible for the information generated.  

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