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A solution  economical and practical 

The RG tarjeta is the oldest litter registration modality in the world, many international entities widely use this system. The model consists of registering all puppies in the litter, where the breeder receives a card or ID that validates the registration, the pedigree is registered and can be viewed on our website in digital mode.


Just enter the ID number of the card in the CONSULT field and that's it, the electronic pedigree appears on the screen.



To be able to make the transfer, just click on the transfer button, enter the ID number of the card in the field and send, the transfer form will automatically appear, fill in all the fields correctly.


Once payment is made, see FEES  + shipping, the certificate of genealogical registration - pedigree, will be sent to the given address,  delivery time is stipulated by the post office in your region.


The printed and transferred pedigree is your dog's certificate of ownership and proof of racial purity.

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