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Rules for affix/kennel registration



1 - The affix used in the breeding of purebred dogs is intended to distinguish puppies, as it composes the individual name of the female descendant dog owned by the holder(s) of the affix, at the time of birth.  

2 - The granting of an affix is the exclusive competence of the ALKC, which for that purpose maintains a general register of all affixes registered in the country.
3 - Owners of one or more copies of a Certificate of Origin Registration issued or recognized by the ALKC are entitled to apply for registration of an identifier affix, and may do so individually or collectively.

3.1 - The application for affix registration will be made online directly on the ALKC website, after collecting the fees due to the member's preferred Kennel, who will be in charge of forwarding it to ALKC for its release.
3.3 - Once the application is granted, the ALKC will make the necessary notes in its general register and issue the corresponding certificate of registration.

3.4 – ALKC reserves the right to veto affixes that may induce similarity with others previously registered, as well as those that are not consistent with the principles of morals and good customs, or related to political or religious problems.  

4 - The affix registration grants its owner(s) the right to use the name in all resources of its creation.  

5 - Once granted and granted, the affix cannot be modified.  

5.1 - In case of death of the holder of the affix, his legitimate heirs may succeed the deceased in its concession, provided that they qualify with the ALKC and under the terms of Art. 7.  

6 - The affix record kept in joint ownership will be subject to the same rules as the individual.  

6.1 - The application for affix registration in the co-ownership regime must be accompanied by an authentic copy of the co-ownership agreement signed between the parties.  

6.2 - This contract must contain an accreditation clause for signatures, requirements, obligations and procedures.  

6.3 - In cases of dispute, ALKC disclaims any liability in the event of non-compliance with the co-ownership agreement by the contractors.  

7 - The holder of the affix is obliged to pay the annuities and fees due.  

7.1 – The kenneis are, according to item 3.1, responsible for collecting the fees due.  

7.2 - Failure to pay fees within 2 years gives ALKC the right to cancel the registered affix.  

7.3 - In the event that the owner(s) subsequently requests the suspension of the cancellation, ALKC will charge fines as to the fees due with the corresponding monetary correction.  

7.4 - In cases of concession cancellation, after 10 (ten) years, the respective affixes will be considered as public domain.

8 - The right to grant an affix is extinguished at the request of its holder(s), still under the terms of Art. 7.2.  

9 - With due regard for the acquired rights, the present regulation enters into force on the date of its publication.


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