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RG - Registration Card

In the United States and Europe, the registration system by tarjeta exists for more than 20 years, it consists of the registration of all puppies of the litter issuing a document with the name of tarjeta, this type of protocol is the proof of the registration of the puppies and that the themselves have pedigree and probably DNA. Here in Brazil, the printed pedigree culture was created, logically the pet tutor will not use the pedigree for studies, but as a document of ownership and certification of the genealogy.

The ALKC system put the practicality of the card linked to the electronic pedigree online, all dogs are registered. The online platform allows the responsible owner to see that the dog really has a pedigree and conveys the necessary security to the owner.

Through the website, or at one of our Kennel Clubs, the pedigree can be issued quickly and easily, and in our Kennel's the document is issued on time, everything is in our database, which generates trust and speed in the process. .

The difference is that now the creator pays a fair price and is 300% cheaper, 300% better, our system is totally secure and has digital certification of the records made systemically in a database.

Our physical document is proof of the care and dedication that went into its development, in addition to being very presentable, it is a security document, with a holographic seal, hot stamp, numbering, the document was prepared with a bank security system in its printing. , the issuance system is very secure, all done within our database, making the pedigree a unique document.

Everything can be authenticated over the internet and consulted, card, kennel registration certificate, Pedigree and ID.


 Card template, use the QR Code reader and read this template and see what happens.



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