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Afghan Hound


Coming from the mountains of Afghanistan, he arrived in England in 1900 as a show dog. It is considered a hunting, hunting animal, although it is popular as a glamorous beauty competition canine.  


Country of Origin: Afghanistan.


GENERAL APPEARANCE L :  It gives an impression of strength and dignity, combining speed and power. The head is carried proudly.

BEHAVIOR AND TEMPERAMENT :  The oriental expression is typical of the breed. Afghan looks through people. Dignified and indifferent, with a certain penetrating ferocity.


skull :  Long, not too narrow, with prominent occiput. Well balanced and covered by a long pompadour.


Stop :  Light


Truffle :  Preferably black; the liver color being allowed in light-coated dogs.

Muzzle :  Long, with strong jaws.

Jaws and Teeth :  Jaws strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, ie upper teeth overlap lower teeth and set square to jaws. Pincer bite (pincer bite, tip to tip) is tolerated.

Eyes : Dark preferably, but golden color should not be penalized. Almost triangular in appearance, slightly sloping upwards from the inner corner to the outer corner.

Ears :  Set on low and well back, carried close to the head. Covered by long silky hairs.

NECK :  Long, strong and with a proud bearing of the head.


Back :  Level, of moderate length, well muscled.

Loin :  Straight, wide and quite short.

Chest : Of good depth, with well sprung ribs

TAIL:  Not too short. Low set with a ring at the end. Elevated when the dog is in action. With sparse hair.




Shoulders :  Long and sloping, well laid back, well muscled and strong, without being carried.

Elbows :  Seen in profile, vertically below the withers. Close to the rib cage. Turning neither in nor out.

Paws :  Strong and very large in both length and breadth and covered with long, thick fur; arched fingers. Plantar pads well supported on the ground.

HINDQUARTERS :  powerful. Quite long between the hip bones and the hocks, with a comparatively short distance between the hocks and the feet.

Knees :  Well sloping and well angled.

Paws :  Long, but not as wide as the previous ones; covered with long, thick hair; arched fingers. Plantar pads well supported on the ground.

DRIVE :  Soft and elastic, with high-class style.

  • COAT


Hair : Long and very fine in texture on the ribs, fore and hind limbs and flanks. In mature dogs, the coat is short and close from the shoulder and along the entire saddle. Long hair on the head, from forehead to back, with a distinctive silky topknot. On the muzzle, the hair is short. Ears and legs with good fur. Metacarpals can be discovered. The coat should develop naturally. Any evidence of clipping or cutting with scissors should be penalized.

  • COLOR:

  1. All colors are accepted

SIZE : Males 68  cm to 74  cm
            Females 63 cm to 69 cm  

  • FAULTS  


Any deviation from the terms of this standard should be considered a fault and penalized in exact proportion to its severity and its effects on the health and well being of the dog.


• Aggressiveness or excessive shyness.

• Any dog that shows any sign of physical or behavioral anomaly must be disqualified.  



• Males must have both testicles, of normal appearance, well let down and accommodated in the scrotum.

• Only clinically and functionally healthy dogs with typical breed conformation should be used for breeding.

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