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Precautions when purchasing  a puppy

Veja nossos benefícios, descontos e vantagens

Demand the PEDIGREE of the Latin America Kennel Club - ALKC, it is the only one in Brazil that is fully online and 100% digital, in addition to having several benefits for your Pet with a huge range of partnerships that provide discounts.

ALKC has accredited kennels throughout the national territory, see the list in the FIND button.

Our services are processed in 48 hours and the delivery time is that of the post office.

The values of each service can be consulted in FEES

Visit the kennel and see the facilities, ask for as much information as possible about the breeder, ask for referrals from other tutors  that already  bought from the breeder. Find out if the creator has certifications and is properly legalized before the organs  governmental.  

Don't encourage clandestine breeders or middlemen, animal protection starts with the act of acquiring a puppy or adult dog.

Search and see if you have the time, space and what the breed needs, the dog breeds were selected precisely to be able to suit the new tutors.

Dogs need attention, demand expenses with food, hygiene,  vet  and need conscious tutors,  the animals that will be part of your family and bring joy, security and so on.


1st) We do not have forwarding agents or representatives, only our Kennel's and accredited can perform our services.


2º) Require our RG Tarjeta or the genealogical/pedigree registration certificate, see the models of our documents in SERVICES


ALKC does not sell dogs, we carry out the genealogical record according to the information of the affiliated members, demand the delivery of the ID card or pedigree printed at the time of purchase and check the veracity of the document in the CONSULT PEDIGREE field.


3) In case of doubt, send an email to:

If you prefer, contact one of our accredited Kennels listed exclusively on our website.

ALKC is a membership club for genealogical records and has a database system for issuing and certifying PEDIGREE. The health of animals should be evaluated by a veterinarian of your trust, research and look for ethical breeders who are committed to ANIMAL WELL-BEING.

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