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Airedale Terrier

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Its main characteristics  are of a muscular dog and  active.  Considered the largest of the terriers.

Personality:  Intelligent, sociable and confident.

Energy Level : Moderate.  

Good with children:  Yes.


Good with other dogs:  With supervision.


Grooming:  Weekly.


Life expectancy : 08 -10 years.

Bark Level: Bark when needed.


The Airedale Terrier is native to Great Britain, from the county of Yorkshire, which the Airedale Exhibition is reputed to have given the breed its name. Many “Riverside Terriers” from the Wharfe, Calder and Aire river valleys were showcased at this show, making a lot of entries (many specimens on track). It is the largest of all terrier breeds and brings together all the characteristics of this group of dogs, being also known as the King of Terriers. The Airedale Terrier has extraordinary powers of smell, having been used in Africa, India and Canada for tracking; it has aided the Red Cross in times of war and was used for service with the police and armed forces of Great Britain and Russia.

Country of Origin: Great Britain.

BEHAVIOR AND TEMPERAMENT:  He is a sociable and confident dog, friendly and intelligent. Has a lively, moving expression.  fast. Show your character through  the expression of the eyes, the carriage of the ears and the erect tail. Not aggressive, but brave.



Skull: Narrow between the eyes, not too wide. Flat and long.

Stop : Visible.



Snout:  Robust. It has a light chiseling, very full and strong in front of the eyes.

Truffle: Black.

Jaws and Teeth:  Scissor bite with strong teeth, jaw not protruding.

Lips: Fair.


Expression: Lively and sociable

Eyes: Dark in color, small and not prominent.

Ears : Shaped like  “V”, are small and carried laterally but always proportional to the size of the specimen.  

NECK : Apparent and  muscular, gradually widening to the shoulders and without the presence of dewlap. have the  moderate size and thickness


Top Row: Level.

Back: Flat and straight. It's strong and short. No signs of sagging.


Loin:  muscular.

Chest:  deep but not  off. Ribs well sprung.

TAIL: Strong and  inserted high.




Shoulders: Long, with flat shoulder blades, turned back.

Elbows: With free movement  on the sides.

Feet: Small and round, very compact.


Hocks: Well let down and parallel.

  Long and well developed.

Paws :  Small and round, very compact .

  • GAIT/MOVEMENT: Harmonic gait, forelimbs with free movement. Legs always straight and directed forward.

  • COAT

Coat : Dense, hard and textured  wire. Not so long in size, the undercoat is softer in texture and shorter in length.

  • COLOR: Black and brown, the presence of white threads on the front parts are acceptable.


SIZE: Females - 56 to 59 cm/Males -  58 to 61

  • FAULTS  

Any deviation from this standard should be considered a fault and penalized in exact proportion to its severity and its effects on the health and well-being of the dog.  



• Aggressiveness or excessive shyness.

• Any dog that shows any sign of physical or behavioral anomaly must be disqualified.

• Atypical dogs.

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