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Clumber Spaniel

GENERAL APPEARANCE L :  Balanced, well-boned, active, with a thoughtful expression, denoting strength in all respects. The Clumber must be firm, fit and capable of a day's work in the field.

BEHAVIOR  AND  TEMPERAMENT:  Stoic, of character, big-hearted, highly intelligent, with a determined attitude that enhances your natural abilities. A silent worker with an excellent nose. Trustworthy, secure, kind, and dignified; more indifferent than other Spaniels, it does not show any tendency towards aggression.

HEAD :  Large, square, of medium length. No exaggerations on the head and skull.



skull :  Broad at the top, with marked occiput; heavy brow ridges


Stop:  Deep.



Muzzle :  Square

lips :  well developed lips

Jaws and Teeth :  Jaws strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, ie upper teeth overlap lower teeth and set square to jaws.

eyes :  Clean, dark amber. Light eyes are highly undesirable. It is acceptable to have the 3rd eyelid visible, but without excess. Free from obvious eye problems.

Ears :  Large, in the form of vine leaves, well covered with straight hairs. Falling slightly forward, bangs should not extend below the ear.

NECK :  Fairly long, thick, powerful.


Top Line:  Straight, wide, long.


Back :  Straight, wide and long.


Loin :  muscular

chest :  Deep; ribs well sprung and well turned back.


Bottom line :  Well descent on the flanks.

TAIL:  Previously it was customary to have the tail docked.

Cropped : Inserted low. Well feathered, carried at the level of the back.


Uncut : Inserted low. Well feathered, carried at the level of the back.






Shoulders :  Strong, oblique, muscular

Forearms : Legs short, straight, well boned, strong.

Paws :  Broad, round, well covered with hairs.


HINDQUARTERS :  Hindquarters very powerful and well developed.


Knees :  Well angled and straight.


Hocks :  bass.


Paws :  Broad, round, well covered with hairs.

DRIVE :  Wavy, attributed to the very long body and short legs. Effortless forward and backward drive with propulsion.

  • COAT


By :  Abundant, closed, silky and straight. Well feathered legs and chest.

  • COLOR  


The entirely white body with lemon spots is preferred; orange color is allowed. Slight spots on head and freckled muzzle



WEIGHT :  Males – 29.5 to 34 kg.

       Females – 25 to 29.5 kg.

  • FAULTS  


Any deviation from the terms of this standard should be considered a fault and penalized in exact proportion to its severity and its effects on the health and well being of the dog.




• Aggressiveness or excessive shyness.

• Any dog that shows any sign of physical or behavioral anomaly must be disqualified.



• Males must present both testicles, of normal appearance, well let down and accommodated in the scrotum.

• Only clinically and functionally healthy dogs with typical breed conformation should be used for breeding.

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