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do everything online 

After opening the kennel, an email will be sent with login and password to access the system.

If the dog has a pedigree within the system, it will appear on your kennel panel, just search for pedigree.  


If the dog is not in the system:  


1st) If the pedigree is not in the system, send the scanned or photographed document to your Kennel Club who will insert the documents into the system.

( If the PEDIGREE is not in your name, it will be necessary to transfer it to be able to enter it in the system or declaration of ownership)


2nd) With the pedigree in the system, click on the add puppy button, then complete the form.


3rd) Just choose the STUD BOOK number in the FATHER or MOM field and that's it! The family tree appears on the new puppy's record.

Click SEND and that's it, we'll be in touch by email shortly. (keep your email up to date)


If you have internet access difficulties, look for a Kennel Club to guide you.


The possibility of registering with a card is a modernity and a right of the creator, in addition to reducing cost and practicality and speed. See what is RG TARJETA !

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