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English Springer Spaniel

GENERAL APPEARANCE : It has slender and strong-bodied specimens of  medium size, with deep chest, arched ribs and back, with apparent muscles.

Personality:  Affectionate, Cheerful, Alert, Intelligent, Attentive, Active.

Energy Level : Very Active.  This dog is active and energetic, and needs daily exercise.  

Good with children:  Yes.


Good with other dogs:  With supervision.


Grooming:  Seasonal.


Life Expectancy : 12-14  years old.

Bark Level: Bark when needed.


It is one of the oldest breeds of the point and shooting dog group, its main function was  for hawk hunting, a very popular sport among the nobility in the Middle Ages. The task of the specimens of the breed was to locate the prey with the help of their powerful sense of smell and to lift the game to later collect the slaughtered bird.  Nowadays it is widely used to locate and bring the hunted game to the hunter.

Country of Origin: Great Britain.

BEHAVIOR AND TEMPERAMENT:  It has a friendly temperament, quite active, with a need for free space. Affectionate and well-behaved



Skull: Moderately wide and rounded, of medium length,  formation of  superciliary arches or stop, with median sulcus passing between the eyes, decreasing progressively until the occiput, which should not be prominent.

Stop : Well defined.



Snout:  Length proportional to head size wide and deep.

Nose: Dark, with well-developed nostrils.

Jaws and Teeth:  Scissor bite with strong jaws.

Lips: Well developed and square in shape.


Expression: Intelligent and alert.

Eyes: Almond-shaped, of medium size, dark brown. Light eyes are undesirable.

Ears : Set at eye level,  of good length and width and well feathered.

NECK :  Neck long, strong, arched and muscular. Free from dewlap.


Topline: Strong, neither too long nor too short.  level.

Back: Well developed.


TAIL: Has  balanced with the rest of the dog, set low, not carried above the level of the back.  




Shoulders: Well set back, angled and sloping.

Elbows: Close to the chest.

Feet: Round; tightly closed, with strong pads.


Hocks: Well let down.

  Well developed, strong and wide.

Paws :  round; tightly closed, with strong cushions,

  • GAIT / MOVEMENT: The hocks follow the movement of the front legs, when walking slowly, they usually show large strides in the form of a gait (typical of the breed).

  • COAT

Hair : Medium-sized feathering on ears, body, hindquarters and insides. Coat well laid, straight and not too thick.

  • COLOR: Black and white, liver and white or these two combinations with brown markings, considered tricolors.  

SIZE: Females - 46 to 51  cm/Males - 48 to 56  cm

  • FAULTS  

Any deviation from this standard should be considered a fault and penalized in exact proportion to its severity and its effects on the health and well-being of the dog.  



• Aggressiveness or excessive shyness.

• Any dog that shows any sign of physical or behavioral anomaly must be disqualified.

• Atypical dogs.

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